Bible and Life

Talk about miscellanea… Here’s where you’ll find it. Most of the blog posts you’ll find here will deal with my faith in some form or fashion. God and my faith in Him are the biggest themes in my life, so my writing naturally reflects that. You’ll also find posts touching on mental health, the life of an expat, current events (at least they were current at the time of my writing), family, Oklahoma, Lord of the Rings, my love for stories, home, and even some bad attempts at poetry, if you look really hard. 😉 Some of these posts will read like a Bible study, or a soapbox, or just stories. I hope you enjoy any hidden treasures you may find here. Some of these posts are ages old. Treat your time on this page like a treasure hunt and you won’t be disappointed. You’ll find posts to make you stop and think, posts to make you squirm, posts to make you emotional, posts to make you laugh, and hopefully posts that can teach you something. I hope you enjoy what comes your way. And if you’re looking for something specific, you can always try that search bar up in my pull-down menu. Happy hunting!

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Bible and Life Blogs