Meet Miss Cellanea

Hey everyone! You found my bio page! My name is actually Caroline, as most of you know. But the odd things that bounce around in my head and come out on my blog are most properly called miscellanea. Hence the blog name. 😉 Snoop around this page to satisfy your curiosity, or if you want contact me.

Miscellaneous facts: My favorite animals are dinosaurs, closely followed by zebras. I find linguistics and folklore fascinating. I like language learning far more than I have a right to. I like hugging trees, not because I’m a hippie, but because some trees are so interesting they just draw you into a hug before you realize it. My inside-my-head voice is a fun rotation of accents I’ve heard around the world (don’t pretend you haven’t tried it). 😉 Any more than that and you’ll have to read the bio below!

My love for enthralling stories is matched only by my love for grand adventures. So imagine my joy at living a life full of stories and adventures—teaching them, learning them, sharing them, and writing them. I live the somewhat nomadic life of a missionary, and I’m currently in the process of being whisked away to Africa. My wagon wheels are frequently on the move, but starting in 2019 I’ll live in Arua, Uganda for the foreseeable future.

I grew up in Middle-of-Nowhere, Oklahoma, where I amused myself reading Tolkien, pretending to be an archeologist pirate, catching critters, and imagining myself a missionary. The Lord saved me as a young child, and not long after that I caught the missions bug at good old Girls in Action summer camps. I knew as a ten-year-old that God was leading me to serve in missions, and he hasn’t changed his mind since then. I got my BA at Oklahoma Baptist University in Orality studies, which combines folklore, storytelling, anthropology, and missions. I fell in love with storytelling the Bible and the many rich cultures of oral learners.

I followed that up by moving to Bulgaria to live, work, and story with the Roma (Gypsy) people for nearly two years before I moved to Southeastern Seminary in North Carolina for my MA in Ethics, Theology, and Culture. My relationship status there was “recently engaged to my thesis project.” School and I are on a break right now since I walked a stage and got a fancy piece of paper, but I’ll still happily talk your ear off about my thesis. I’ll exuberantly explain how the Bible teaches morals through folklore-shaped stories much better than our dusty old ethics textbooks. I believe that we learn best through simple stories, so I try to bring all my teaching, writing, and learning back to those narrative nuggets of gold, as you’ll see in my blogs. To this day, I’d drop everything to take Wendy’s spot on the Jolly Roger if Captain Hook and his pirates asked me to join them as their storyteller.

If you’d like to drop me a note, or leave comments, complaints, or confusions for me to consider, here’s just the spot! Any questions or blog post ideas you leave for me will come straight to my inbox, so they’ll be well taken-care-of in their travel through cyberspace. Thanks for reading!

Photos by the inimitable Esther Lee, who put up with way too much of my ADD to get me some nice prayer card pictures. I thought you’d appreciate the bloopers. 😉