This is the retro blog page of By Miss Cellanea. Many of the blogs you’ll find on this site originally came from my first blog—the tumblr page of a much younger me. 😉 But these blogs—surrounding my month-long trip to Romania to Bible Story with the Roma people in 2011—were the first I ever wrote and posted. So if you’re in the mood for a throw back, or you want to hear Baby Caroline’s thoughts on missions and Storytelling and dreams about working with the Roma people, look no further. This began the adventure of years committed to praying for and working with the Roma people. But the influence of that momentous Romanian month was much deeper.

The Lord began teaching me lessons about team on the field, about culture shock, and the nomadic life of a missionary with its accompanying griefs and joys. I am astounded to look back and recognize the ways the Lord has grown ideas that began years ago in Romania: ideas of mentorship, storytelling, work with children, and helping to mobilize national believers to their own people. The seeds of this single month have been fruitful to shape my life and calling in incredibly deep ways. Read on to experience the beginning of many convictions that still have echoes in my life today. Waiting for the Romanian Month, for example, is eerily prophetic of much of my life. And in I Made it! you’ll discover that as unsuspecting as I was, Uganda has literally been sitting next to me the whole time, nudging me with its exuberant friendliness and trying to get me to visit from the beginning. 😉

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Archived Romania Blogs