Month: July 2014

This Body

This body, it was made just perfect.

These arms and this heart,

they were strengthened to carry heavy burdens.


This middle, it’s the perfect size

to be squeezed between two small arms.


These hips, they’ve been shaped

to make a seat for smaller ones.


And they easily find the perfect bend


to bring these eyes on level

with other pairs, set in beautiful, small faces.


These hands, they are small, but toughened

by cooking, carrying, patting, and playing.

They hold suffering

like a familiar thing.


These ears, they have heard

many voices in many languages.


But this mouth, it was made to say in all of them:

He loves you.




His Body, it was made just perfect.


His mouth, it taught me

how to live.


His ears, they listened

to pleas, misery, joy, long before mine did.


His hands, they healed

and broke bread in example for me.

They too held suffering

And bade me do the same.


His eyes, they see the depth of my sin

But still flash Love enough to cover all.


His middle, it took the lashes

mine deserved.


And His arms, they carried

a burden I could not:

the weight of my sin and the world’s.


This body, it was made perfect

Because His Body, it was made perfect.


And its death

gives life

to mine.