O Lord over my brokenness,

Long have you carried me in my past.

Through many sufferings you have been faithful.

In my sins and my struggles you have loved me and provided for my needs.

But in the war and famine and death of the righteous,

Where are you, Lord?

When your faithful ones weep and mourn,

When the ones whom you love face darkness so deep it threatens to overcome them,

Why are you absent?

Why do you seem so far?

Why do you keep silent?

My own suffering is a small thing.

But the pain of multitudes is great.

When your followers starve

When they are hunted because you are their Lord

When their children die along the roadside,

How do you honor their faith

Or reward their obedience?

Send your peace to the land, oh Lord.

Bind up the broken-hearted.

Rescue those of your heart who have not created this war.

Lord over our brokenness,

We see your provision in new family and friends.

We understand you weep with us.

We know you send help and comfort to the ones your heart loves.

Lord over our brokenness,

In these black days of our sorrow

We will praise you.

When we cannot rise from our beds

When we have no tears left to cry

When we do not understand your plan and your ways,

We will trust you as Lord.

We will seek you in our brokenness.


*** This lament was written as part of a trauma healing training, according to the structure of laments from the Psalms, in response to and prayer about the current war in South Sudan.