And So it Begins…

Yes… I have a blog now. I never would have predicted it, but that is yet another demonstration of the fact that I am not omniscient. 🙂 I intend to use my new blog to inform my friends and family of what God is doing in my life and around me. That means, if you choose, of course, you can read about mission trips, lightbulb moments with God, and other exciting stuff that’s going on. I’ll christen To Be a Blessing with stories from my upcoming time in Romania, which somehow seems appropriate, considering the way it hinges together my life now and one that could be completely different (see my last post). I hope that you will all read and pray with me as God takes me on that adventure. One last thing: I am incredibly, terribly, sometimes soporifically, long-winded. I would apologize, but that’s they way God made me, and I hope that someday He’ll use it for His glory. Happy reading everyone!