I Made it!

I am a bit jet-laggy, but all things considered it was a good trip here. No luggage lost and no planes left without me on them. 🙂 I couldn’t sleep on the first trip because of the excessively friendly and slightly creepy Ugandan next to me, and because of excitement. At the airport Fratele GiGi (Brother George) had just enough English to turn me away because my name wasn’t Charlotte (I can’t spell it with the accent on my keyboard, but it sounds nothing like Caroline). About that time my IMB contact turned around and sorted things out, and I wasn’t left at the airport. 🙂

I have learned many things already, and God has reiterated how wonderfully faithful He is through all of this. I live with the Alexandru family (in Romanian the family name comes first, and then the individiual name), and they have already been a huge blessing to me. Mama Gabbi (Gabby) has already made some fantastic food for me and she treats me like one of her own daughters. I spent a couple of hours with her yesterday looking at her family photos and swapping words between our language. It was a great bonding time. Fratele GiGi makes me laugh with his English, and I try to return the favor with my Romanian. 🙂 Their son Florin is 18 and speaks fantastic English considering the teacher I’ve heard about. Between him and a Romanian/English-English/Romanian dictionary, I’ve got a translator! The two daughters are beautiful and amazing. 🙂 Andrea is 13 going on 14. She and I have been fast friends and she has taught me the most Romanian that I’ve learned here. I’ve learned helpful phrases like “I’m sorry,” “Thank you,” “excuse me,” and a few nouns to fill out my vocab a tiny bit. I still don’t have any verbs or conjugation or tenses, but I’m hoping to learn a few. Roxi (Roxy) is 9 going on 10. We can only communicate a few words to each other, but she likes to hold my hand on walks and giggle at me. 🙂

I am living with the Alexandru family, like I told you before, and they attend Brother Corneliu’s church. Brother Corneliu has planted a church for the Roma called Golgota, and I will work there Tuesdays through Fridays. It will be like day camp. I can tell Bible stories and we will have rec time and a craft. Early in the days I will be at (Peshterah – I can’t spell it in Romanian without their letters) doing something similar. Be praying with me about some other opportunities that I may have. There is an option to quit working at those places and work at another camp. I don’t know what God would have me to do yet, so pray with me as I seek his will and begin working in Peshterah and Golgota. Mondays are market days, Saturdays are rest days, and Sundays are church days.

I’ll sum up my couple of days here with a list of things I’ve learned so far:

1. Don’t be too nice to the Ugandan at the terminal. He’ll be seriously trying to schedule a visit before you board and you’ll spend a good two hours of your flight answering and evading questions about your views on dating…

2. Jet lag will always baffle and intrigue me.

3. I LOVE ROMANIAN FOOD!!!! I may exceed the weight limit though for the plane ride back. 🙂 We eat several slices of bread with each meal.

Well, that’s all for now folks (in my best Porky Pig voice). Pray with me, and I’ll keep you updated. 🙂